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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Networking Infrastructure in Windows 2008 – What’s new?

Simplified windows configuration
All versions are available in single DVD. Choose which version during installation.
After Installation we can configure the server through Initial Configuration Task Overview.
(Setup the administrator username & password, IP, domain/workgroup, windows update, windows firewall, etc)
Have configurable Server Roles and Features.
All configurations are done through Server Manager Console.
Example of Server Roles: AD Domain Service, DNS, DHCP, File Server, etc
Example of Features: Failover Clustering, Storage Manager for SAN, etc
Truly support IPv6 – 128 bit
Network Access Protection availability
Non-comply computer can be directed to isolated segment or denied access
>Server Core Installation
For Installation of Role Functionality in Windows 2008
We cannot install other application here.
For better performance and security
>Windows backup
VSS enable on Drive directly
Backup to Bootable CD/DVD
Default backup schedule is full + incremental
>Windows Deployment Service
The Next of RIS
For Installing OS and or Application
Several Image type: Boot Image, Install Image, Capture Image, Discover Image
>Windows Server Virtualization
The Next of Virtual Server 2005
Differencing support on VHD files
Virtual Network use VLAN ID for better performance
Dedicated Processor/RAM blocking on WSV for certain Guest Computer
Support x-64 guest OS
>Clustering & NLB
No more need for a VLAN for geo clustering
No 500 ms limitation for heartbeat

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