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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cannot Publish Post to Blogger using Internet Explorer 9

You can edit/create your post in, however you cannot click the publish post button. You are using Internet Explorer 9.

There are two options:
  • First, you can enable Compatibility View as a workaround. At Internet Explorer 9, please go to Tools > Compatibility View Settings. Add to the list. Click Close and restart your IE 9. Open your post again and you should be able to publish it now. However you may still encounter issue with font sizes, etc.
  • Second is to change the setting at the blogger site. Please go to Settings > Select Post Editor > choose Updated Editor > click save settings. Open your post again and you should be able to create/edit/post to your blog again. You will also gain new editing feature such us improved image handling and new preview window.

1 comment:

Nurulmuna said...

very helpful... 1 nite headace to troubleshhot the problem...