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Sunday, August 3, 2008

How to Uninstall Microsoft Operation Manager 2005 from Your Domain?

Uninstall MOM 2005 components in the following order.
1. Active Directory Helper Object - From Add/Remove Programs at each client
2. Agents - From MOM 2005 Console
3. Reporting Server
4. Web Console
5. Management Server(s)
6. Operators Console, Administrator Consoles
7. Operational Database
8. Data Warehouse
In a tiered environment, we recommend that you uninstall the child Management Groups and then the parent Management Group.

Limitation on Proxy Exceptions in Windows 2003 Group Policy Object Editor

From Microsoft KB302224

When you use the Group Policy Object Editor, and you configure the proxy settings, the text box that contains the proxy exception list may be truncated if more than 255 characters are used. Also, if you previously clicked to select the Do not use proxy server for local check box, the check box may be cleared. Because of a limitation in the way INS files are read, the proxy exception list is limited to 255 characters. The Do not use proxy server for local check box appends the text ";" to the end of the list. This text is eight characters long, and the 255 characters must include these characters. Therefore, when you click to select the Do not use proxy server for local check box, the total length of the exception list is actually 247 characters.

Apply Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2. After you install this hotfix, the proxy exception list is limited to 1024 characters.

Missing Files in Certain Folders on Windows Server

On your Windows 2003 server some files in certain folders are missing. However when you rename the folder to other name, the missing files suddenly appear. If you rename the folder back to the original name, the files are missing again. You already check the security permission, possible viruses and malware, but everything seems to be normal.

You should check whether you had programs that hide/lock/protect those files from appearing. One of the example is a program called Lock Folder XP. These programs run on Kernel mode and cannot be seen from user mode process monitoring. You can use Rootkit Revealer and Process Explorer from Microsoft SysInternals to try to watch the process.
After you found the program that cause the issue, you can try to uninstall it.
You may need to supply the correct password to uninstall or modify the program.