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Monday, May 18, 2009

Event ID 9321 logged when running Exchange Offline Address Book (OAB) generator

You notice that there are a couple of event ids 9321 being logged at your exchange server. All function seems to run normally. The error message shown something likes “OALGen could not generate full details for entry person name in address list '\Global Address List' because the total size of the details information is greater than 64 kilobytes.”

The most common cause for this is a large number of certificates published for the user, causing their details to be over the 64kb limitation for the details in the OAB. There is no way to increase this limit, so the solution is to remove any unneeded certificates from the users so that we get the details under 64kb.
To clean out the certificates:
- In ADUC, make sure View, Advanced Features is checked.
- Go to the properties of the user.
- Published Certificates tab.
- Remove any unneeded/expire certificates.

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