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Monday, May 18, 2009

Exchange Server - Cannot Generate Offline Address Book (OAB) error 8004010e

Exchange server cannot generate offline address book. Newly created email address doesn’t appear at the Global Address List. At the event viewer you see error logged with event id 9338, 9330, and 9126. You’ve try changing the server generating OAB to other, but the same error occurs.

The most common reason for failure to generate the OAB with error 8004010e is a mangled attribute in Active Directory.
Use Nspitool.exe to identify which user has the mangled attribute.

1. Save and unzip the attachment to your Exchange server.
2. Click Start, click Run, type in cmd and click Ok.
3. Navigate the directory which you save the nspitool.exe in and run the following command: nspitool -WalkAddressList >c:\nspioutput.txt
You should see something like “QueryRows failed 0x8004010e on entry personname, WalkAddressList ended with 0x8004010e” on the output text.
Next step is to use adsiedit.msc to connect to GC partition to check the attribute value. Go to the user properties and check the manager attribute value. Is it the same with the Active Directory User and Computer (ADUC) version? If not, change the value at ADUC to something else, wait for the replication to occur, and change it back to the correct value.

The attribute value shown through ADUC and through adsiedit.msc should have the same result.
Run the nspitool.exe again and do the necessary fix until there’s no “queryrows” error anymore.


nick said...

Can you let me know where I can find nspitool.exe without having to call MS PSS? I have this exact problem on Exchange 2003.

Tommy Kurniadi Bunjamin said...

Hi Nick,
Do you still need this tool?

bengats said...

Tommy Kurniadi Bunjamin, can you send nspitool.exe as rar or zip.. to my e-mail please?
Tnx! :)

Tommy Kurniadi Bunjamin said...

Sent to Your email Hope it's not too late.

Paradox said...

I could really use this tool as well.

thank you!

Daniel said...

I am having this exact issue after upgrading to exchange 2010. I have reviewed every record manually (hours and hours of work) but I cannot find any malformed or incorrect records. Would I be able to get a copy of the Nspitool.exe tool? I cant find any reference anywhere on the internet for acquiring this outside of Microsoft and we're desperate for a solution asap! Thanks!

Daniel said...

Sorry address is - thanks in advance :)

Anonymous said...

Could I also get the tool?

Niky said...

Could you please send me NSPItool.exe also to me .I have the same problems .

Pablo Muñoz said...

Could you send me the tool please facing the same error here sirkalas[at]

Alex said...

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candyman said...

hello, can you please send me that tool as well ?? thanks a lot


thanks a lot

terrylstryder said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
terrylstryder said...

Would you be able to send the tool to me as well. thanks in advance.