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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Active Directory Replication Terminology - Part I

Following is some of the day to day Active Directory terminology.

> BridgeHeads Servers,
A bridgehead is a point at which a connection leaves or enters a site.

> ISTG (Intersite Topology Generator),
The single KCC in a site that manages intersite connection objects for the site.

> KCC (Knowledege Consistency Checker),
The Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC) is an Active Directory component that is responsible for the generation of the replication topology between domain controllers.

So what is the relation between those three?

Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC), runs as an application on every domain controller and communicates through the distributed Active Directory database. KCC reads configuration data and reads and writes connection objects.
One domain controller in each site is selected as the Intersite Topology Generator (ISTG). To enable replication across site links, the ISTG automatically designates one or more servers to perform site-to-site replication. These servers are called bridgehead servers.

The ISTG creates a view of the replication topology for all sites, including existing connection objects between all domain controllers that are acting as bridgehead servers. The ISTG then creates inbound connection objects for those servers in its site that it determines will act as bridgehead servers and for which connection objects do not already exist. Thus, the scope of operation for the KCC is the local server only, and the scope of operation for the ISTG is a single site.

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