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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Infrastructure Master & Global Catalog placement

Infrastructure Master (IM) is FSMO role that responsible to updates cross-domain references and phantoms from the global catalog. It is comparing objects of the local domain against objects in other domains of the same forest.

  • Single domain forest:

    In a forest that contains a single Active Directory domain, there are no phantoms. Therefore, the infrastructure master has no work to do. The infrastructure master may be placed on any domain controller in the domain, regardless of whether that domain controller hosts the global catalog or not.

  • Multidomain forest:

    If every domain controller in a domain that is part of a multidomain forest also hosts the global catalog, IM won't ever see any differences, since the global catalog holds a partitial copy of every object in the forest itself. So there are no phantoms or work for the infrastructure master to do.

  • In this case, the infrastructure master may be put on any domain controller in that domain. In practical terms, most administrators host the global catalog on every domain controller in the forest.

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